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  1. Interesting collection there, quite different from my own more limited collection. The only ‘decent’ camera in my little lot being an Olympus OM40, that I was once very fond of. The Ilford Sportsman at the bottom of your list caught my eye. The first camera I used, as a child, was my Dad’s Ilford Sporti, the more basic model, with similar appearance to the Sportsman. Most of the family photos on my main blog were taken with the Sporti and using it led to my enduring, though amateur interest in photography.

    1. I would like to get one of the olympus SLR’s. I used to have an OM20 many years ago and liked it a lot. I remember when the OM1 first came out and caused quite a stir because it was so small compared to the then current SLR’s.

      1. Yes I recall the OM1 was the one of the most desirable cameras for a while. I had an OM10 before the OM40 and that was good too. They do feel quite substantial compared to the Fuji S5700 I use now or the Canon A630 before that. I am planning on doing a write up about my camera history from the Ilford Sporti to S5700, on my main nostalgia blog.

  2. Great collection! I too have been collecting for a little under a year now, and what I find fascinating is the number of cameras out there. I have over 40 in my collection and only two match ones in yours! (The Yashica 230-AF and the Pentax SP1000)

    1. Great – keep up the good work. The good thing about camera collecting it there always seem to be more models to buy than you currently have! I’ve just taken delivery of a Miranda Fv with a TTL meter. That is now my current favourite!

  3. I’m just wondering, where/how do you keep all these cameras, and do you have then displayed? That would be lush (sorry – a local word I’ve picked-up, along with “mint” – both of which translate as really good and anything similar). Oh and Simon, you need to get that list of other makes in alphabetical order. A meticulous character such as yourself just can’t present an un-ordered list !!!! By the way, I was looking for a Kowa. Just got one and was wondering what you made of it – but perhaps it’s on the shopping list?

    1. That is actually a very good point (or in fact two very good points). I’ve been thinking over the last couple of weeks that I really need to do something about getting some display cabinets to put my cameras in. It was ok keeping them in lockable plastic boxes (which I do at the moment) when I only had a few but now it’s getting to the point where I would like to make them more easily available. If I want to find a particular model at the moment I need to try to remember which box I put them in.
      And oddly enough I have also started on a new ‘vintage camera’ page with an A to Z listing to make it easier to find any make model on the site.

      I’ve not got a Kowa, but it’s certainly on the ‘must buy’ list. Mind you – it’s a long list 🙂

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