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    Favourite pictures – The Sun in York

    As we were walking along the river bank in the City of York recently, I took this picture of the road and people. It was a nice sunny day and I had my Tamron super wide angle lens fitted to my Sony Nex 6 and took this shot low down to emphasise the cobble stones. The aperture was set to f/22 to maximize the depth of field which resulted in a shutter speed of 1/320 sec at ISO 100, whilst...
  • Star-D Samples

    Star-D/Image lens review on Sony Nex 6

    This is a short review of two lenses I picked up from eBay a couple of weeks ago when I bought a Minolta X300 SLR camera and they were bundled with it. I’ve named the lenses “Star-D/Image Lens” in the title of this post because, although both lenses are labelled as “Image MC Automatic”, I believe they are made by the same company that makes/distributes the Star-D lenses. In physical appearance they certainly seem to be the same, are made in...
  • Takumar Samples

    Brilliant Takumar 28mm f/3.5 wide angle M42 mount lens

    This is a post about a classic lens which I bought this week for use on my Pentax and Sony cameras – the Takumar 28mm f/3.5 wide angle M42 mount. Takumar 28mm f/3.5 Images As I hinted in my last post I bought this lens on eBay last Sunday evening for £34 plus £4 postage. I was amazed that I won the auction for only £34 because I’ve seen these lenses on ebay ‘buy it now’ offers for up to £70....
  • Stevenage

    Final autumn pictures

    This is a post describing a walk around the local park in Stevenage and the pictures I took there this afternoon. I’ve realised today that I take a trip to the local park and take photographs just about every spring and autumn, and this autumn has been no different as today I had a walk round Fairlands Valley Park with my camera. I took a variety of lenses with me, a Sigma 18-125mm Standard Zoom, my favorite Tamron 10-24mm Wide...
  • Landscape

    Sunshine and snow

    This is a new treatment of an old picture which I took a couple of years ago with a Pentax K-r and a Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens. I took it during a snowy period in the field across the road from us and particularly like the starburst effect the Sun has which I believe is caused by the small aperture used. The main post processing which I carried out was to increase the saturation in the sky and...
  • Landscape

    Weekly Challenge: Horizon 2

    This is my second post in the weekly challenge, but essentially the same subject – Sea & Sky. This picture was taken in Sherringham using a Pentax K-r and a Tamron 10-24mm Super Wide angle lens set to it’s widest 10mm setting. Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon ( Weekly photo challenge: horizon ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (
  • Family

    Raby castle

    This is a wide angle shot of Raby Castle in County Durham shot with my favourite Tamron 10-24mm Wide angle lens set to its widest setting of 10mm. We visited Raby Castle on holiday this year and I took a great number of pictures. I like this one because it captures a bit of the great age of the castle and gives some impression of its size. I followed my usual post processing procedure and cropped slightly from the original...
  • Family

    Wheels – Black & White

    I found this set of cart wheels leaning against a wall at the Beamish Museum in County Durham during our holiday last month. When I looked at it in Post Processing I thought it would be a better image if it was converted to black & white, which I did in Lightroom and also applied one of the standard lightroom filters – the blue high contrast filter. I also slightly cropped from the original shot I took. Pentax K5 Sigma...
  • Landscape

    Wensum river bank

    The River Wensum runs through the town of Fakenham in Norfolk, which happens to be the town I was born and raised in. My parent still live in Fakenham, so I quite often visit and take pictures of all the places which have changed so much since I was a boy. Although the paths and fields around the river have changed, the general layout and look of the river remains the same as it was when I used to live...
  • Family

    Beamish village in wide-angle

    I’ve added a few pictures from our recent holiday in the North East of England, some of which were taken at the Beamish Museum. This is another in that series, this one being taken in the village with my Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle set to it’s 10mm extreme. I really liked the way the tram lines matched the power cables to draw the eyes into the distance. There were a lot of people at Beamish when we visited, and...
  • Landscape

    Panorama effect from wide angle

    I took this picture of the centre of Durham using the 10mm setting of my Tamron 10-24mm Super wide angle zoom. Once I imported the picture into Lightroom I realised that the shot has more impact when cropped down to a panorama style image, cutting out a lot of the foreground which was just pavement. I’ve used this technique quite a few times to create a panorama style shot; I know it doesn’t have the full reach of a stitched...
  • Landscape

    Wide Angle Landscape

    This picture was taken during a hike around Frosterley in County Durham during our recent holiday. It shows an old barn we walked past which I took with a Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens fitted to my Pentax K5. I find this lens to be superb for taking landscape photos – it has great colour rendition and being so wide a very high depth of field. This lens is rapidly becoming my favorite lens. I did some post-processing in...
  • Family

    Coal Trucks

    While we are on holiday in the North East of England we visited the Beamish Museum where I took this picture of coal trucks. I used a Tamron 10-24mm Super Wide angle lens attached to my Pentax K-5 DSLR and framed the trucks with the leaves of a tree branch. I like the way the lines of the trucks and the railway sleepers lead the eye into the picture, and the wide angle view tends to distort the shape of...
  • Family

    The Merry-go-round

    This Merry-go-round is on the banks of the Thames river in London, just along the bank from the Aquarium. There are a variety of street entertainments going on along this stretch of the river. We saw people dressed up as statues, A man with a large loop of string which he dipped in bubble making liquid to blow bubbles over the children and lots of people selling a variety of novelties. I took this picture with a Pentax K-r and...
  • Nature

    Poppy, wheat and Sunshine

    This picture is one of the first I took with my Tamron 10-24mm super wide-angle lens in July last year. I wanted to get an image which showed off the poppies against both the wheat field and the sky so I set a very wide angle of 11mm and held the camera low against the ground to achieve that. So low in fact that I couldn’t see through the viewfinder, so I preset the aperture to f/11 and hoped the...
  • Family

    Claire Marie boat at Sherringham

    This post tells the short story of how I took this picture of the Claire Marie boat at Sherringham in Norfolk. We went on Holiday to Norfolk a couple of years ago and one of our visits while we were there was to the North Norfolk Steam Railway which travels between Holt and Sherringham. Nearly all the railway lines in Norfolk were closed in the 1960’s cuts, so riding a train through the Norfolk countryside is quite a novel occurrence....

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