Taron Unique 35mm rangefinder-camera

This Taron Unique is the second Taron rangefinder camera I have recently bought and is similar to the Taron Vr  I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Because of some interesting accessories, this is a more extensive system that the Vr however. Taron Unique Images My Taron Unique Camera As I described in my other post on the Taron Vr, I’d not heard of the Taron make before I saw this camera in an eBay auction a couple of […]

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We went to Cambridge today to meet my Mum and Dad, Brother and Sister and families for a party to celebrate my mothers 80th birthday. After we had eaten we went for a walk and I took this picture of my daughter Emma as she was looking for bottle tops amongst the trees (I know – bottle tops ? She decided to collect them today). This was post processed in Lightroom with a reduced clarity to give it a dreamy […]

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London Skyline

I took this image of the London skyline from Alexandra Palace in September 2012. It caught my eye because I saw the Shard which had only recently been completed. The original raw image was processed in Lightroom, cropped to a wider aspect ratio and converted to black and white. I also had to raise the shadow detail a bit and cut the highlights to get a bit of detail in the sky and clouds. I deliberately kept the horizon low […]

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