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    Macro picture of Chives

    Whilst I was writing my post about macro options at the weekend I felt inspired to go out into the garden with my Tamron 90mm macro lens mounted on my Nex 6 to put into practice some of the techniques I’d been writing about. This picture was taken in the small herb garden where we have mint, basil etc growing and I found the chives had small flowers growing. I got down low so I could focus on one flower...
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    Macro photography – Green Fly

    We are on our way to Durham in the north of England for a holiday and stopped off at my Mother-in-laws house in Loughborough. I had a walk round in garden and found a Golden Rod bush covered in green flies having a wonderful time flitting about the bush. I got my Pentax K-5 and Tamron 90mm Macro and took a few pictures, this one being the best. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that my wife had borroed the camera and...
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    Macro photography garden spider

    I bought a new flash gun for my Pentax K-5 at Christmas which I’ve been experimenting with over the last few months. Today I went out into the garden with my Tamron 90mm lens and a Raynox 250 Close up adapter fitted, to try some macro pictures with the lens set to F/32 to maximize the Depth of field. The shot shown above was my most successful picture, taken of a tiny garden spider sitting on a leaf sunning him(her?)self....

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