Pictures around Reading with a Ricoh GXR 28mm A12

A few months ago the office where I work moved from Stevenage where I live to Reading where I don’t. This means that my trips to the office are no longer a short bike ride away but instead involve a couple of train journeys which last for about 2 1/2 hours and as a result I only go into the office about once a month now and work from home for the most part. Wednesday this week was one of […]

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New sensors for my Ricoh GXR camera

I bought my Ricoh GXR camera a couple of years ago now, but although I think it’s a really good camera I haven’t put it to the use I would have liked to. There are a couple of reasons for this: I don’t have the optional EVF and I find it difficult to compose a picture in bright sunlight but the main reason is the sensor units I have. Ricoh GXR camera and sensors When I bought the camera, the […]

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Favourite pictures – The accordion player

This is one of those pictures which starts out as a colour picture which doesn’t really stand out, but once converted to black & white makes more of an impact. I took this whilst we were on holiday in Durham last year with a Pentax K5 and Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom. We were walking through the town and I saw this man playing and instinctively raised the camera and snapped without any real thought about composition. Later I cropped it […]

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Sony Nex 6 high ISO noise performance

I while ago I wrote a post about the low noise performance of the Pentax K-5 when used an high ISO and I thought it would be interesting to also look at the performance of my Sony Nex 6 when used in high ISO. It’s particularly interesting at the moment since this is the time of year when most days are murky and it’s quite common to be taking pictures using the high ISO setting on the camera. All the […]

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