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    Update on Stats

    Last week I posted an article about the changes I’d noticed to the number of visitors and views I’ve received over the last few weeks. This post is a very short one which just updates what I’ve found. The picture above shows the number of clicks, impressions and CTR (click through rate) over the last 28 days and it confirms what I thought last week. The impressions have dropped because the google algorithm which determines which pages to show for...
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    Change in WordPress view stats?

    Has anyone else noticed a change in the way WordPress are counting views in the last couple of weeks? I’ve noticed that although my visitor numbers have stayed at approximately the same level over the last few weeks, the number of visits per visitor has dramatically changed. It happens that because of the nature of my site I have quite a few picture galleries and up until a few weeks ago any gallery view of a picture was counted as...
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    The annoyance of scripted views

    In August 2013 I wrote a post titled ‘What has happened to my wordpress views‘ which was bemoaning the fall away in my blog views in that month. As it happened, that seemed to be a seasonal thing and as I’ve continued to add posts to my site the traffic has gradually grown as my pages get found by search and social media users. Well this week I experienced the opposite of that problem. At about 10pm on Sunday I...

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