Found film

This is another batch of film I’ve developed after finding it in a vintage camera I bought from eBay. Although this was a colour film, I developed it with a black & white developer (Rodinal at 1:100 dilution) using stand development, because I knew that the back of the camera had been opened and the film subject to light. I’d received the camera and checked as I always do that there was no film in it by winding the rewind […]

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Kodak Brownie reflex samples and shooting experiences

A week or so ago I bought a pair of Kodak Brownie Reflex vintage cameras and found one had a reel of  partially exposed 127 film in. A couple of days ago I took the camera with me as I went for a walk round the town, and these are my experiences of shooting with it and the Kodak brownie reflex samples I obtained. As I described in my descriptive post about the cameras, I had to transfer the roll […]

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