A walk with a macro lens

This post is about the pictures I took with a Tamron 90mm Macro lens fitted to a Sony NEX 6. The last few months have been cold and wet but today has brought a change with some sun and a nice increase to the temperature so I thought I would go out and try to get some pictures to show the start of spring. I’ve recently bought a Pentax K mount to NEX adaptor to let me fit my existing […]

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Some pictures from my NEX 6

A short post with just a collection of pictures taken with my NEX-6 over the last couple of weeks mostly with the 16-50mm kit lens. I’ve been taking my Nex 6 just about everywhere with me over the last few weeks and this is a collection of my favourite shots I’ve taken in that time.

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LF106 Wireless flash trigger

This is a quick post on a set of extremely cheap wireless flash triggers I bought from Amazon UK for about £15. They are of an unknown manufacture, just called LF106 on amazon and come with one transmitter unit and two receivers. The receivers each take a pair of commonly available AAA batteries and can be switched to up to 16 different channels so they can be used when other photographers are in the same area and using the same […]

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