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    A day trip to Bennington Lordship

    Today we decided to take a trip to Bennington Lordship to see the Snowdrops. It wasn’t a planned trip – we just looked on the website to see when it was open and discovered that today was one of the days when it was open so we decided to go over and see what the snowdrops were like. It’s only about 3 miles away from our house and only takes about 10 minutes to get there, so once we knew...
  • Miranda Repair

    Miranda/Soligor 50mm PAD lens strip down

    I posted last week about the Miranda D-r 35mm SLR I bought from eBay and the condition of the Miranda 50mm PAD lens which was fitted to it. In short the aperture was completely frozen when I received the camera, but started moving after it had warmed up a bit in the house. However, looking at the aperture through the front of the lens it was obviously covered in a film of oil and after a few days the blades...
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  • Family

    Keeping track of manual lenses

    I did a post yesterday about the camera kit I am taking on holiday in a couple of weeks and the manual Takumar lenses I’m intending to use. As I’ve been getting the kit together and working out which accessories I would need I’ve also been considering how I’m going to track which lens was used for which picture. Although it isn’t essential to know this, it’s a very useful piece of information as you are sorting through your pictures...

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