Favourite pictures – The apothacary's room

We are back to Kentwell Hall for todays favourite picture and it’s one I included in my post about using prime lenses during our holiday but I really like this picture so I’m giving it it’s own post. This is in one of the upper rooms in some of the out houses at Kentwell, where some Tudor re-enactment players were collecting herbs and manufacturing medicine used by tudor Englanders. This lady was sitting in the window and I liked the […]

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Favourite Pictures – The gunsmith's toolbox

Another picture today from our trip to Kentwell Hall where a ‘Tudor Day’ was taking place. In one of the out buildings we found a gunsmith at work and I took this detail picture of the small wooden toolbox sitting on his bench. Because of the low light this picture was taken at 3200 iso with the lens set to f/2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/60 sec but it is still a remarkably clean image. Sony Nex 6 Soligor […]

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Nex 6 video clip sample.

I don’t often take video clips but while we were on holiday I did take this clip of my children on a fairground roundabout at Bressingham Steam and I thought it might be of use to anyone contemplating a sony Nex for video with fixed focus lenses. This video was taken with my Soligor 28mm lens with the aperture set to about f/5.6. I would think that a fixed focus lens would be an advantage whilst taking video as it […]

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Shooting with primes

Before we went on holiday I wrote a post about the kit I was intending to take with me. Now we are back, this is a follow up post to explain how I got on using that kit. The pictures above are all ones which I feel were helped by using the manual lens kit I took with me rather than a standard kit zoom. Each of these pictures was taken a with one of the manual lenses I listed […]

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