Pentax SF10 35mm Autofocus SLR

This Pentax SLR comes from the SF range of cameras which Pentax introduced before the Z and MZ range, and were the first set of autofocus SLR cameras the company made. This model, the Pentax SF10 was also known as the SF7 and is similar in styling to the SFXn camera which I own, but is a rather simpler and more basic model than that. It was manufactured in about 1988. Pentax SF10 Images My Pentax SF10 Camera I purchased […]

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My Miranda family

I decided a couple of weeks ago to concentrate my ‘camera collecting’ persona on two vintage camera makers for the next few months to try to build up a more complete collection of a couple of makes rather than having ‘bits n pieces’ of lots of different cameras. The two makes I’m going to try to build up are Topcon and Miranda. This post is going to be the ‘landing page’ for the Miranda collection which I will update with […]

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