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    Using IR scans to remove marks from colour slides with Silverfast.

    This is just a short post which covers using the Infra Red scanning capabilities of the Epson flat bed scanners to identify and remove marks and dirt from colour slides during scanning. I’ve been scanning quite a lot of slides over the last few weeks for the Found Film site,  and up until a few days ago I’ve just been placing the slides on the scanner in the slide mount, doing a pre-scan to get the framing and then batch...
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    A family night with colour slides

    A few weeks ago we relived an event which is a fond memory from my boyhood – a family night with colour slides. Equipment In order to view the slides I needed to obtain a slide projector and so I’ve been looking on eBay over the last few weeks to see what I could find. Slide projectors are really easy to find at the moment, and quite cheap, so I wasn’t really surprised that I could pick up a decent...
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    Experiments with black & white transparencies

    Many years ago, in a book on photography which I had when I was a teenager, I read about the process of developing black & white film as transparencies instead of as negatives. I was fascinated to read that it’s only the process which changes – the film used is the same. This contrasted with colour slides and colour prints which were bought as a different type of film as well as being developed using a different process. Fast forward...
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    Slide duplication v Slide scanning

    I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago describing how I have a large number of 35mm colour slides to scan and the steps I am taking to recover the best image I can from them. Well in this follow up post I’m going to explain how I’m attempting to modify my original workflow in order to get the job done a bit quicker and better. I found after I’d scanned about 50 slides that the job was going...

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