Ricoh XR-X 35mm manual focus slr review

This is a review of the Ricoh XR-X (known in the USA as the XR-M) 35mm manual focus slr camera. Ricoh XR-X Images My Ricoh XR-X Camera I bought this camera because I have a Ricoh KR-10m and wanted to see how the Ricoh XR-X, which is reputed to be a fine camera, compared to it. I found it on ebay and thought it looked pretty good value because it was bundled with the optional flash unit and was only £10. […]

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Minolta 7000 auto focus camera

This is a post about another of my vintage camera collection, the Minolta 7000 (also known as the Maxxum 7000), which I acquired from eBay UK for about £9. Minolta 7000 Images Minolta 7000 Description. The Minolta 7000 was introduced by Minolta in about 1985 and is a 35 mm film SLR. In a similar way to my Minolta Dynax 5, this seems to be a very advanced camera for it’s day. There are several exposure modes, a neat in-built […]

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Yashica 230AF 35mm SLR

This is my review of the Yashica 230AF, 35mm Autofocus SLR which is the latest addition to my growing 35mm camera collection. As well as my impressions of using the camera, there are also some sample pictures taken with this camera. Yashica 230AF Images Yashica 230AF Description As far as I can tell this camera seems to be in perfect condition. It is equipped with a Yashica 35 – 70mm f/3.3 – 4.5 macro standard lens, a novel flash unit […]

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Vintage Camera collection – Petri MF-1

Being an avid photographer I have owned a number of cameras over the last 40 or so years, many of which I no longer own. It’s a matter of regret now that I didn’t keep some of these cameras, although realistically I probably wouldn’t actually shoot any film on them even if I still owned them. Still, one of the first cameras I ever bought is the subject of this post – the Petri MF-1. The first SLR I owned […]

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