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  • Kodak Repairs

    Cleaning the Compur Synchro shutter from a Kodak Retina IIc rangefinder camera

    In my last post I described how I removed the shutter from my Kodak Retina IIc camera, and in this post I’m going to describe how I stripped down and cleaned the slow speed regulator and self timer on the compur synchro shutter. Although I have carried this procedure on other compur shutters, I still found a lot of guidance for this on the retina rescue site and I would recommend anyone who needs to work on these cameras to...
  • Olympus Repairs

    Olympus OM-1n reassembly

    In my last post I described the process I followed to strip my Olympus OM-1n down to clean the shutter and film transport mechanism. In this post I’m going to describe the Olympus OM-1n reassembly and how I made sure everything was still working. Once I had the shutter mechanism cleaned up I tried all the speeds to check how accurate they were. At this point I got a bit confused because there seem to be more shutter speed positions...
  • Cornerstone, Photography
  • Cornerstone

    How to check the health of a vintage camera

    This post attempts to answer the question ‘Is my vintage camera still working’? I started to write it as an answer to a comment when a reader asked for help to determine if a camera she owned was working properly. However, after a few minutes it became apparent that it is too complex a question to answer as a simple comment reply so I thought I’d instead write a full post with some guidance and details of the sort of...
  • Praktica Repairs

    Pentacon Six Project. Step one – removing top plate and examining the shutter.

    This evening I took my first steps to repair my Pentacon six by having a look at what was stopping the second curtain closing when the shutter is fired. To do that I had to remove the top plate of the camera so I could examine it and I’ve detailed the Pentacon Six strip down procedure here. I won’t give many more details than the pictures because it is all pretty self explanatory and was actually quite easy. Pentacon Six...
  • Edixa Repairs

    Edixa Reflex D strip down

    As I said in another post earlier today I recently acquired an Edixa Reflex D 35mm SLR to join my vintage camera collection but discovered that the shutter assembly wasn’t working properly. The shutter release button seemed to jam and feel ‘gritty’ when pressed and the shutter operation was not at all reliable. I decided to have a go at stripping the camera down to see if I could find the cause so I took pictures along the way as...
  • Miranda Repairs

    Miranda D-r shutter repair – part 1

    I bought a new Miranda camera this week – a Miranda D-r which unfortunately had a few issues, the most pressing of which was the shutter release which fired once when I first received the camera, but then stuck with the film advance frozen. I managed to find out what I needed to do to repair it this afternoon so this is a short post describing the Miranda D-r shutter repair procedure. I had already taken the bottom off the...

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