Petri FTII 35mm review and repair

This is a review/description of the Petri FTII 35mm camera which was made in about 1971 by Petri in Japan. Petri FTII Images My Petri FTII Camera I bought this camera for £1.30 because it was sold as faulty and I wanted to see if I could fix it. When I received the camera, the problem was that the film advance was locked and the shutter wouldn’t fire. These sort of problems are generally because the camera mechanism has managed […]

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Pentacon Six Project. Step one – removing top plate and examining the shutter.

This evening I took my first steps to repair my Pentacon six by having a look at what was stopping the second curtain closing when the shutter is fired. To do that I had to remove the top plate of the camera so I could examine it and I’ve detailed the Pentacon Six strip down procedure here. I won’t give many more details than the pictures because it is all pretty self explanatory and was actually quite easy. Pentacon Six […]

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