Praktica Super TL slow speed escapement clean and lubricate.

A few days ago I received a Praktica Super TL 35mm camera which had a problem with the slow speeds. In this post I’m going to describe the procedure I used to remove the Super TL slow speed escapement, clean it and get it working again. The first part of the operation is to reveal the slow speed escapement which is situated in the bottom compartment so the bottom cover needs to come off. To do this you need to […]

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Praktica IV 35mm SLR

The Praktica IV 35mm slr was manufactured in East Germany between 1960 and 1964. There were a few different models – the one I have is a version 2, which was the first made by the newly formed Pentacon company, and is fitted with a Meyer-Optik Gorlitz Primotar 50mm f/2.8 lens. Praktica IV Images My Praktica IV Camera. I bought this camera from a charity shop outlet on EBay for £7-10 and received the camera a few days later. The […]

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Pentax SF10 35mm Autofocus SLR

This Pentax SLR comes from the SF range of cameras which Pentax introduced before the Z and MZ range, and were the first set of autofocus SLR cameras the company made. This model, the Pentax SF10 was also known as the SF7 and is similar in styling to the SFXn camera which I own, but is a rather simpler and more basic model than that. It was manufactured in about 1988. Pentax SF10 Images My Pentax SF10 Camera I purchased […]

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Pentacon Six Project. Step 5 – attempted initial shutter setup.

In my last post I gave some observations and conclusions I’d reached from my initial examination of the shutter assembly in my Pentacon Six. In this post I’m going to describe the progress I’ve made to get the shutter working again prior to trying to calibrate the shutter speeds. After my initial attempts to lubricate the mechanism, and getting the mirror and shutter blinds out of sync, the whole mechanism was not working anymore so I decided to try to […]

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