Miranda Sensomat RE-II 35mm slr camera

This is the latest addition to my Miranda camera collection – a Miranda Sensomat RE-II. I bought this as a spares or repair purchase for £20 postage paid, but I messaged the seller prior to buying it to find out what was wrong with it. The message I received, which turned out to be pretty accurate, was that the shutter fires but the speed selector doesn’t turn and the aperture blades in the lens are displaced. I was fairly sure […]

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My Miranda family

I decided a couple of weeks ago to concentrate my ‘camera collecting’ persona on two vintage camera makers for the next few months to try to build up a more complete collection of a couple of makes rather than having ‘bits n pieces’ of lots of different cameras. The two makes I’m going to try to build up are Topcon and Miranda. This post is going to be the ‘landing page’ for the Miranda collection which I will update with […]

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Fixing slow shutter speed problems on a Miranda Sensomat

I have recently been increasing my collection of Miranda vintage cameras and along with a few other models I’ve acquired two Miransa Sensomat RE models and both of them had the same problem – at slow shutter speeds (i.e. between 1/8 and 1 sec) the mirror flips up but the operation didn’t complete and the mirror is left up and the shutter open. What I found is that the shutter mechanism was basically dried up and sticking and this is […]

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