Minolta Dynax 300si 35mm slr

The Minolta Dynax 300si 35mm autofocus slr was the entry level camera in the Minolta si series which culminated in the 800si. ¬†Although it didn’t have many of the pro-level features of that camera, it was still a capable unit for family and holiday snapshots, as well as a good camera for anyone intending to grow into the more capable Minolta auto focus offerings. My Minolta Dynax 300si Camera I picked up my copy of the 300si when I bought […]

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Pentax MZ-60 QD 35mm autofocus slr

The Pentax MZ-60 was the last 35mm camera Pentax produced in the MZ series, and in fact the penultimate 35mm film camera they ever produced – only the *ist followed it. It is similar to other cameras in the series, being light weight plastic construction and quite small and follows the route started with the MZ-50, 30 & 7 models by having several picture modes along with standard Aperture, Shutter, Program mode and manual operation. I bought the camera from […]

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Pentax MZ-7 35mm autofocus slr

I have an on/off love affair with Pentax. Although I basically love Pentax cameras I have a bit of a problem at the moment with reliability. I’m looking for a good autofocus 35mm camera to carry with me when I’m out with my Nex 6 or Pentax K5 and an obvious choice would be a Pentax since the majority of my K-mount lenses are actually full frame. Because of that I’ve bought a few from the MZ series but I’ve […]

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