Auto Chinon 28mm f/2.8 M42 lens on digital camera

This is a review of the Auto Chinon 28mm M42 mount f/2.8 lens when used on Sony Nex 6 and Ricoh GXR APS-C digital cameras. Auto Chinon 28mm f/2.8 Images My Auto Chinon 28mm Lens I was given my copy of this lens by my cousin Therese and her husband Mike when they discovered at a family get-together that I’m a collector of vintage camera equipment. Mike used to be an avid photographer and bought a Chinon CX with a […]

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Samsung LE40A656 LCD TV

This short post describes my experiences of the Samsung LE40A656 LCD TV. We bought a Samsung LE40A656 40″ LCD TVs about 7 months ago and I have to say that it’s stunning. It’s a full HD, 1080P set with 4 HDMI inputs as well as component and a couple of scart sockets. We run it from a Virgin media V+ box set and the picture quality in HD is exceptional. The only problem we had was to do with the […]

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