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    Experiments with black & white transparencies

    Many years ago, in a book on photography which I had when I was a teenager, I read about the process of developing black & white film as transparencies instead of as negatives. I was fascinated to read that it’s only the process which changes – the film used is the same. This contrasted with colour slides and colour prints which were bought as a different type of film as well as being developed using a different process. Fast forward...
  • Film Photography

    Developing colour film using the digibase C41 kit – second attempt

    Last week I had my first attempt at developing a colour film using a C41 home processing kit, and it was somewhat less than successful. Although I wasn’t certain of the cause I thought it was probably because I’d inadvertently used an old film, so I decided to have another go with a brand new Kodak ColourPlus 200 film to try to make sure everything went right. I also spent the week reflecting on what could have gone wrong on...
  • Film Photography

    Disappointing results using the digibase C41 kit – part 3

    This is third and final part of my series on home developing of colour negative film using the digibase C41 kit. In this part I’m going to describe the scanning, final results and look at possible ways I can improve the process for next time. Digibase C41 Kit Results First, here are the results I obtained from the Digibase C41 kit. Scanning & Post Processing In the cold light of day I took another look at the negatives to assess...
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  • Film Photography

    Fun with a tank of coffee

    I first heard about developing film using coffee a few years ago and I must admit I assumed that it was an April Fools joke, but a bit of further research revealed that it is not only possible but is actually capable of some pretty good results. So earlier this week I ordered some Washing Soda, Vitamin C and cheap Coffee (the constituent ingredients), loaded up my Miranda Fv with some FP4 black & white film and went out to...
  • Film Photography

    Vintage photography – printing your own pictures

    There is a phrase I often hear – “This is where the magic happens”. It’s often used when we have a visitor to the office and I think – “it’s only software”. Well, the process of printing your own pictures really does feel like magic is taking place right in front of your eyes. The chemical process of printing your own pictures in black  & white is basically the same as for developing the film. There is a developing bath,...

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