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    Photoshop effects – removing all colour except one

    I’ve seen an effect before which isolates a single colour in a picture – removing every colour other than the chosen one. In my experimentation with photoshop I found a way to do this which may or may not be the correct way (although I’m beginning to find that there are many ways to do the same things in photoshop). The way I achieved this effect was as follows: I started a new selection using the Select -> Colour Range...
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    Photoshop filters – radial blur 2nd attempt

    Yesterday I posted a picture which used the Photoshop radial blur filter to create an image which had quite a dramatic look and was noticeably different from the original. I thought the result was quite good but one comment I received was that the effect was not really appropriate for that type of filter. Having thought again about the picture I think the comment was a fair and reasonable one so I thought I would have a go at producing...
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    Photoshop filters – radial blur

    I’ve been playing with photoshop quite a lot lately because I’ve been scanning a lot of photos which my Dad took in the 1950s to 1970’s and cleaning them up and in some cases adding some colour. During my experiments and after watching some videos as part of the learning process, I’ve been trying out some filters and I made some changes I like to this picture of my Daughter which I originally took last year. Although I don’t normally...
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    Clone Stamp tool photo repairs

    Although I use Lightroom all the time I’ve not really used Photoshop that much since I joined Adobe Creative Cloud using the photographers cut down package last year. However a few weeks ago I had cause to try to recover some old photographs of my fathers which had been badly creased and damaged and found that Lightroom just can’t do that sort of job, so I turned to Photoshop. Using Clone Stamp in Photoshop This is certainly quite a common...
  • Vintage

    Slide duplication v Slide scanning

    I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago describing how I have a large number of 35mm colour slides to scan and the steps I am taking to recover the best image I can from them. Well in this follow up post I’m going to explain how I’m attempting to modify my original workflow in order to get the job done a bit quicker and better. I found after I’d scanned about 50 slides that the job was going...
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    Processing scanned 35mm slides in Lightroom and Photoshop

    This is a post describing the steps I’ve taken to try to correct some colour casts and exposure problems with 35mm colour slides. I recently discovered a large box of 35mm slides which my Dad took in the 1960’s of our family. There are about 500 slides in total and I’m working through scanning them and getting them to look as good as I can. I am scanning them on an HP Photosmart C8180 Printer/Scanner using the inbuilt slide holder...
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    Experiments in Photoshop 2 – Photo retouching

    I have used the spot removal tool in Lightroom to good effect in the past to remove or paint over small areas in a picture and found it to be pretty effective. However for large objects or areas of pictures it doesn’t seem so effective. I thought that now I have access to the full Photoshop CC product I’d try to edit a picture with problems and see how much better photoshop is. The picture above is one of St...
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    Experiments in Photoshop 1 – Tilt shift filter.

    As I mentioned in my last post I have recently subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers membership which gives me access to the full Photoshop CC program – something I could never have justified as a standalone purchase. I have been experimenting with the various features and thought I would start a series of posts showing some of the results. The first effect I have been experimenting with is the tilt-shift filter. A tilt-shift lens is one where the...
  • Photography

    Adobe Creative Cloud membership

    I guess everybody had heard that Adobe have moved their software from a purchase model to a subscription based model and has their own views on the rights and wrongs of that move. I hadn’t really bothered about it much because the cost of subscribing to creative cloud for an enthusiastic amateur was simply too much to make it even remotely worth while. Recently however, Adobe have added a new price plan to their offering which is aimed squarely at...

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