Film or Digital ?

Over the last 6 to 12 months it’s become more and more frequent that when I go anywhere to take pictures I will take along a film camera as well as my Pentax K5 or Sony Nex 6 digital camera. Because of that I have several instances where I have pictures which have been captured with both a digital sensor and film so I thought ┬áit would be interesting to try to compare the images and see which I find […]

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Flowers shot on film

I’ve been using film cameras quite a bit over the last few weeks and I’ve collected together some pictures which all share the same subject – flowers shot on film. These were taken with a variety of film cameras – a Pentax SFXn, Minolta Dynax 505si Super and Pentax MZ-30. The film used was Fuji Superia 400 colour negative film and Agfa Vista plus 200, and all were taken in Aperture Priority mode on their respective cameras. After development the […]

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Evening in Gloucestershire

On a recent trip to Gloucestershire I took out my Pentax K5 fitted with a Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom for an evening walk and took these pictures of the local countryside bathed in late evening sunshine. All these pictures have been imported into Lightroom CC for post processing and then exported at 1600px on the longest edge. To see them at full size follow this link. As well as my K5 I also took along a Pentax SFXn loaded with […]

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