Tokina RMC 75 – 260 f/4.5 zoom lens

The Tokina RMC series of lenses was produced in the in the early 1980’s in a variety of different lens mounts as 3rd party alternatives to manufacture’s own lens ranges. The RMC in the name referred to the multi coating used on the lens, Rainbow Multi Coating, and various different focal lengths were made in the RMC series covering a range of prime and zoom options. I found this Tokina RMC 75 – 260 f/4.5 zoom in the YMCA charity shop […]

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Pentax MZ-M pictures developed in Caffenol C-M

Over the last couple of days I’ve been using my Pentax MZ-M with a fomapan 200 black & white film to get some sample pictures to test the camera. Today I developed those pictures using Caffenol C-M – the pictures are shown below. Since I last developed film in caffenol, I’ve bought a film strip mount for my slide duplicator, so I was able to be a much better copy of the negatives this time, however, I’m a bit disappointed […]

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Pentax MZ-M 35mm SLR

I’m having a bit of a run on the Pentax MZ series at the moment and my recent purchase of the Pentax MZ-M helps in my aim to own every model produced. As is stands I have nearly all the entry/mid level examples except the MZ-10 but I still need to get some of the top end models, MZ-6, MZ-3 and MZ-S. I will probably be able to get the MZ-6 and the MZ-3 but the MZ-S is still selling […]

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