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    Pentacon Six Project. Step 5 – attempted initial shutter setup.

    In my last post I gave some observations and conclusions I’d reached from my initial examination of the shutter assembly in my Pentacon Six. In this post I’m going to describe the progress I’ve made to get the shutter working again prior to trying to calibrate the shutter speeds. After my initial attempts to lubricate the mechanism, and getting the mirror and shutter blinds out of sync, the whole mechanism was not working anymore so I decided to try to...
  • Praktica Repairs

    Pentacon Six project – Step 4 Pentacon Six Viewfinder repair

    Whilst I’m carrying out repairs and adjustments on the shutter assembly of my Pentacon Six, I’ve also been looking at the viewfinder and lens which both needed some attention.  In this post I’m going to show the repairs and cleaning which took place on the viewfinder. When I first received the Pentacon Six the viewfinder was in a reasonable state cosmetically, with just a couple of scratches, but optically it had a couple of chips in the prism, and these...
  • Praktica Repairs

    Pentacon six project – Step 3, Pentacon Six shutter assembly

    This is the third post in my Pentacon Six project and follows on from my last one where I removed the shutter from the chassis and carried out a bit of a clean and lubrication. Since then I’ve had a look at the Pentacon Six shutter assembly and I’ve come to a few conclusions/observations. Pentacon six shutter observations For a start I was surprised at how flimsy the shutter assembly is when out of the chassis. The plate that the...
  • Praktica Repairs

    Pentacon Six Project. Step one – removing top plate and examining the shutter.

    This evening I took my first steps to repair my Pentacon six by having a look at what was stopping the second curtain closing when the shutter is fired. To do that I had to remove the top plate of the camera so I could examine it and I’ve detailed the Pentacon Six strip down procedure here. I won’t give many more details than the pictures because it is all pretty self explanatory and was actually quite easy. Pentacon Six...
  • Praktica Repairs

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