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    Boat 2-3-4

    During one of our regular trips to the Alexandra Palace in London I spotted these boats tied up on the Boating Lake and thought they made a reasonable picture. I had my Tamron 10-24mm Super Wide Angle lens fitted to my Pentax K-r body at the time, but the focal length is set to 19 mm for this picture, which is about 30mm Equivalent in 35mm terms so it’s more of a standard wide angle. The picture was taken in...
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    My Daughter in the Park

    This picture is one of those which is made in post processing. We were walking round the boating lake in Alexandra Palace in North London and I had a Tamron 10 – 24mm Super zoom fitted to my Pentax K-5. Emma was running off in the distance and I got to a low position and took the picture shown to the left; portrait orientation with the rails leading the eye into the picture. As always I took the picture in...
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    Alexandra Palace boating Lake

    We were walking round the boating lake in Alexandra Palace last Autumn and I’d fitted a super wide angle Tamron 10 – 24mm lens to my Pentax K-5. I took this image whilst James and Emma were arguing about which game they should play. The picture across the lake appeals to me because the safety barrier leads the eye into the image and gives the impression of depth. Because of the super wide angle I could get very close to...
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    London Skyline

    I took this image of the London skyline from Alexandra Palace in September 2012. It caught my eye because I saw the Shard which had only recently been completed. The original raw image was processed in Lightroom, cropped to a wider aspect ratio and converted to black and white. I also had to raise the shadow detail a bit and cut the highlights to get a bit of detail in the sky and clouds. I deliberately kept the horizon low...
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    Sunlight through a tree

    This is one of my favourite images. I took this picture in the kids playground behind the Alexandra Palace in London in September 2012 whilst Jan was visiting a craft show. James, Emma and I walked behind the Palace and they played in the playground whilst I took some pictures with my (relatively) new Pentax K-5. I used a Sigma 18 – 125 F/3.5 HSM standard zoom lens, which I tend to have on the camera at all times. I spotted the...

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