Fuji Finepix S2 Pro digital camera

This is a bit of a departure from my usual posts about vintage film cameras because the subject of this post is a digital camera. However, considering the rapid advancements that have taken place in digital camera design, the Fuji finepix S2 Pro, having been released in 2002, is an interesting look back at one of the first good quality, large sensor digital cameras available. Fuji Finepix S2 Pro Images My Fuji Finepix S2 Pro Camera I bought this camera […]

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A day trip to Bennington Lordship

Today we decided to take a trip to Bennington Lordship to see the Snowdrops. It wasn’t a planned trip – we just looked on the website to see when it was open and discovered that today was one of the days when it was open so we decided to go over and see what the snowdrops were like. It’s only about 3 miles away from our house and only takes about 10 minutes to get there, so once we knew […]

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