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    The Tram repair shop at Crich

    This is another picture I took at the Crich tramway museum, this time in the repair shop using a Pentax MZ-3 slr loaded with HP5+ film and using a Sigma 24 – 70mm autofocus zoom lens. As with the shot of my daughter Emma, this was developed in Rodinal at 1 to 25 concentration and scanned with an Epson V550 Perfection scanner. The film was rated at its box speed of 400 ISO, and with the lens at it’s widest...
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    Holiday camera choices for digital and film

    This post considers the camera choices facing any serious photographer when they venture out on a family holiday. Holiday Camera Choices For any vintage camera enthusiast, holiday time always leaves you with a bit of a headache. You know that you will be presented with lots of photo opportunities over the coming few days and that starts you thinking about the ideal cameras to take with you, but when you have a collection of 100 plus it isn’t always simple...

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