Favourite pictures – The hyacinth

This hyacinth plant was growing in the Museum Gardens in York and I found it as I was walking along the river bank when we were visiting recently. Since I had my wide angle Tamron lens fitted to my camera I tried taking a flower shot using the widest setting of 10mm with the aperture open as wide as it would go which is f/3.5. Obviously at that setting the background defocus will not be very great, but I think […]

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Favourite pictures – York museum gardens

This was one of those shots where I couldn’t actually see the composition when I took the picture, but it turned out ok anyway. We were walking through the Museum Gardens in the City of York and I saw this tree and the rock placed at the foot of it. I thought it might make a nice picture to include the rock in the foreground, so I bent down to take it but couldn’t see through the viewfinder or see […]

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