Fuji X-T1 first impressions

Having owned my Fuji X-T1 for a couple of days I thought I’d write a brief post on the features I find most outstanding in my limited experience. First, for those unfamiliar with the X-T1, it’s an APS-C sensor mirror-less camera with interchangeable lens, electronic viewfinder, a good level of configurability, full weather sealing and excellent controls reminiscent of a 1970s film camera. It’s also true to say that it is made by one of the original camera manufacturers who have […]

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New sensors for my Ricoh GXR camera

I bought my Ricoh GXR camera a couple of years ago now, but although I think it’s a really good camera I haven’t put it to the use I would have liked to. There are a couple of reasons for this: I don’t have the optional EVF and I find it difficult to compose a picture in bright sunlight but the main reason is the sensor units I have. Ricoh GXR camera and sensors When I bought the camera, the […]

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