Minolta Dynax 5 first photos.

I’ve got my first roll of film developed from my Minolta Dynax 5. I’ve updated my original post with the samples. Click the photo for the link to the original post – the samples are at the bottom.

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35mm film development

I took my first couple of films for about 20 years into town to get them developed today. They are colour negative film which I’d put through a Minolta Dynax 5 and a Yashica 230 AF. My first call was to Boots where we used to have all our colour films developed when I was a teenager. On inquiring if they still develop films I was told that they do but their developing machine is broken so they can’t at […]

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Minolta Dynax 5 autofocus camera

This is a review of the Minolta Dynax 5, one of the last 35mm film, autofocus single lens reflex cameras made by Minolta before they moved to digital cameras. Minolta Dynax 5 Images As I implied above, it doesn’t seem correct to call the Dynax 5 a vintage camera because it is in the ‘last film camera’ class before Minolta moved to digital camera production. Of course Minolta, as a camera manufacturer has gone now, having been sold to Konica […]

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Yashica MG-1 35mm rangefinder

Another of my eBay purchases turned up,  a Yashica MG-1 rangefinder. At the moment I’ve sent for a battery and a black and white film which should turn up on Monday. Meantime I’ve completed a film through my Minolta Dynax 5 and I hope to have a post on that camera tomorrow.

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