Pentax Program A short camera review

This is a short review of the Pentax Program A 35mm camera which mainly covers the differences between this camera and the Pentax Super Program which I reviewed a few weeks ago. Pentax Program A Images My Pentax Program A Camera I bought this camera mostly for the lens which came with it which is an SMC Pentax-M 28mm f/2.8. This is like a faster version of Takumar 28mm f/3.5 which I have, but with a Pentax K mount rather […]

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Pentax ME Super and SMC 50mm f/2.0

I picked up this Pentax ME Super for a very reasonable £15 from ebay uk because the seller thought it may be broken. He sold it as ‘spares or repair’ because the ‘plate behind the film has lines on’. I took this to mean the shutter and I took a gamble that it was probably ok because I know my Pentax P30 has similar ‘lines’ on – the shutter is not a cloth which rolls up, but a metal shutter  […]

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