Yashica Pentamatic 35mm camera review

This is a review of a Yashica Pentamatic which was the first Yashica 35mm slr to have the ability to change lenses. Yashica Pentamatic Images My Yashica Pentamatic Camera I bought this camera from David, a reader of the blog, who also gave me a Ricoh Singlex TLS. He mentioned in our communications that he was selling a Yashica Pentamatic and would I be interested in buying it. I did a bit of research and discovered that it’s an interesting […]

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Edixa Reflex D 35mm slr camera

This is another Edixa 35mm slr camera, the Edixa Reflex D, which is very similar in appearance to the other Edixa models in my collection. One thing that is a bit different from those cameras however is the method by which I acquired it. Normally I buy my vintage cameras from eBay, but this one was bought from another secondhand site called preloved.co.uk. Edixa Reflex D Images I found it by doing a search on the site for edixa and […]

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