Ensign Selfix 1620 sample pictures

I’ve developed some black & white pictures from my test run with a selfix 1620 folding camera today, and this post is to publish the resultant scans. As I said in my previous post, I used Illford ID-11 instead of caffinol for the development, and the negatives looked quite good when I first saw them as they came out of the tank. Well, I’m pleased to say that I’m still happy with them now I’ve scanned them and had a […]

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Samples from a Steinheil Munchen Cassar S prime lens

This post is one of the series of posts I’ve written which just gives a short description and a collection of sample pictures from a vintage  manual lens used on a modern digital camera. Other posts in this series covered the Pentax 50mm f/1.7 prime, the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 prime and the Meyer-Optik Domiplan and this post covers the Steinheil Munchen Cassar S lens. Steinheil Munchen Cassar S lens The lens was acquired by me as part of a purchase of a […]

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Macro photography – Green Fly

We are on our way to Durham in the north of England for a holiday and stopped off at my Mother-in-laws house in Loughborough. I had a walk round in garden and found a Golden Rod bush covered in green flies having a wonderful time flitting about the bush. I got my Pentax K-5 and Tamron 90mm Macro and took a few pictures, this one being the best. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that my wife had borroed the camera and […]

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Leicester landscape

I took this picture on Beacon Hill in Leicestershire in August 2011. We took James and Emma for a walk up Beacon Hill, which is about 5 miles from Loughborough. This tree is growing a few yards from the top of the hill and I took some pictures of it against the surprisingly blue sky. As well as this picture I also took some with the purple heather in the foreground which I might make the subject of a future […]

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Nose to toe

This is a shot I took during the Loughborough narrow boat show in May 2012. It was taken with a Pentax K-r and a Sigma 19-125 HSM zoom which I tend to use as my standard lens most of the time since it covers a range suitable for most general shots. There were a number of narrow boats moored along the side of the canal and something draw my eye to the yellow life ring contrasting with the blue of […]

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Loughborough narrowboat fair

Whilst in Loughborough in May last year the Loughborough narrow boat fair was on which is centered on the Grand Union Canal. Obviously I took my camera along so I could get some photos of the narrow boats and also James, Emma and Janice enjoying the fun. We were lucky with the weather (which in itself was a bit of a miracle considering how bad 2012 was) and I took lots of pictures that day. The selection shown here are […]

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