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    Fuji X-T1 with the Fantastic Fujinon XF 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens

    When I bought my Fuji X-T1 a couple of weeks ago there was a double cashback offer available which meant I could pick up an additional lens and get a really good deal. There are several lenses I intend to buy at some point, but the first one I decided to get was the Fujinon xf 27mm f/2.8 pancake lens which I picked up at the same time as I bought the camera. Today I had to go on a...
  • Family

    A trip to the Ideal Home Exhibition

    This is a family history post with some pictures I took during a trip to the Ideal Home exhibition in London on Saturday. As well as the gallery below the pictures can be viewed in full size using this link. I had originally planned to take some pictures with a 35mm film camera, and took along a recently acquired Pentax Z-20 autofocus camera loaded with some Fuji 800 ISO film. It turned out the venue was too dark for ‘only’...
  • Family

    A day in London

    These pictures are a couple of years old now – I took them during a family trip to the London Aquarium in August 2011 which I posted about a while ago, but I’ve not published these particular pictures before and I’ve given them a bit of a make over in Lightroom. As I remember I took two cameras with me that day, a Pentax K-r and and Olympus E-PL1, (neither of which I now have unfortunately) and these were all...
  • Family

    Views around Westminster

    I had to go into London today to visit the Symfony Live conference in the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster so I took my Sony Nex 6 along fitted with my Takumar 28mm wide angle lens and my Camdiox focal reducer. As it happened I left a bit early and missed the final keynote because I had a headache from being in a darkened room all day, so while I walked around to get rid of it I...
  • Nature
  • Nature

    London Zoo – 35mm slides from 1980 (part 2)

    This is a follow up to the post of a couple of weeks ago with some more pictures taken c1980 with either a Petri MF-1 or an Olympus OM-20 camera. Having sorted through some more of my Dad’s old box of slides I found a further two sets of colour slide films which I took during a visit to London zoo. These were all duplicated with a slide duplicator rather than scanned and I think they are better as a result....
  • Film Photography

    Views around London from 1980

    I said a couple of weeks ago that I had discovered a whole load of colour slides in my late father’s office and that I am working through scanning them. In fact, I’ve discovered that I can get much better results by duplicating them using a slide duplicator I’ve bought and I’ve also discovered that not all the slides were ones that he took – some are pictures my bother took when he was in the merchant navy, and some...
  • Family

    The Merry-go-round

    This Merry-go-round is on the banks of the Thames river in London, just along the bank from the Aquarium. There are a variety of street entertainments going on along this stretch of the river. We saw people dressed up as statues, A man with a large loop of string which he dipped in bubble making liquid to blow bubbles over the children and lots of people selling a variety of novelties. I took this picture with a Pentax K-r and...
  • Family

    The princess Diana memorial fountain

    This is the Princess Diana memorial fountain in Hyde Park, London.   On a day in London in 2012, we walked round Hyde Park and visited the Princess Dian Memorial Fountain, which is pictured here. Because I’d not seen it before, in my mind’s eye, I think I expected it to be a more traditional fountain, but it is in reality a moulded concrete stream with different widths and water flows in a large oval shape. Even so, it was...
  • Landscape

    The couple

    This picture was taken in the cycle paths at Alexandra Palace, North London in September 2012. I saw this couple pushing their child along the cycle path and I thought it made a nice family scene. The trees which fold over them seem to frame the couple nicely and the light falls on them to form a natural highlight. Taken with my Pentax K-5 and Sigma 18-125 Std Zoom Pentax K-5 Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom 1/125 sec f/5.6 iso 200...
  • Family

    Couple by the serpentine

    I took this image of a couple walking beside the serpentine in London’s Hyde Park in August 2012 originally as a colour picture but I think it’s one of those images which looks better in black and white. I converted it to black and white using Lightroom 4 from the original raw image file and added some grain to simulate film. Pentax K-r Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom 1/90sec f/11 iso200 45mm
  • Family

    Bridge over the Serpentine

    This is the bridge which crosses the serpentine lake in Hyde park, London. It’s another of the shots I took while we were in Htde Park in May 2012 waiting for James to sing in a schools singing gala. Pentax K-r Sigma 18-125 HSM zoom 1/1000sec f/5.6 iso 200
  • Family

    Hyde Park

    This is a picture taken in Hyde Park, London in May last year. I can’t make my mind up if it’s good or not – it reminds me of a JigSaw puzzle picture. Janice, Emma & I were walking round Hyde Park waiting to hear James sing in the Hertfordshire Schools Gala concert. We were lucky because the weather was dry and sunny, which was just as well since we had several hours to kill before we could enter the...
  • Family

    Playtime in the park

    I like this photo of my daughter Emma playing in the playground at Alexandra Palace in London. We had gone to Alley Pally for a paper craft fair in April 2012 because my wife Janice likes to make greetings cards, but both James and Emma get bored with commercial fairs so I took them to the Boating Lake and around the playground behind the building itself. This item of play equipment is a plastic wheel set at an angle to...
  • Family

    Walkway to the London Eye

    We went on a family trip to the London Aquarium in August 2011 and after the aquarium visit we had a look round the London Eye and other attractions on the bank of the Thames. This picture was taken in the Walkway to the London Eye with a fairly wide angle setting (12.5 mm) on my Tamron 10-24mm super wide angle lens fitted to a Pentax K-r and I like it because of the way the paving and trees lead...
  • Family

    London Skyline

    I took this image of the London skyline from Alexandra Palace in September 2012. It caught my eye because I saw the Shard which had only recently been completed. The original raw image was processed in Lightroom, cropped to a wider aspect ratio and converted to black and white. I also had to raise the shadow detail a bit and cut the highlights to get a bit of detail in the sky and clouds. I deliberately kept the horizon low...
  • Family

    The Round pond in Hyde Park

    In May my son James was in the Royal Albert Hall with his school choir for a singing competition. Naturally we all went down to see him, but the rest of the family couldn’t attend the practice sessions at the start of the day, so we took a walk where I took this picture of the Round Pond in Hyde Park. I took my camera with me, which at the time was a Pentax K-r DSLR and used a Sigma...

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