Blickling Hall in late December

Today we went to Blickling Hall, a National Trust property in Norfolk, for a visit. It was one of those really cold, but very clear days that you get in the winter with the sun very low in the sky which made the scenery beautifully lit up but also increased the possibility of flare if the sun made it into any of the shots. Unfortunately, I misread the website notification of the opening times so when we arrived, although the […]

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Autumn in super wide-angle

I decided to try out my Tamron super wide angle on my Sony Nex 6 to get some autumn pictures.

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Boat 2-3-4

During one of our regular trips to the Alexandra Palace in London I spotted these boats tied up on the Boating Lake and thought they made a reasonable picture. I had my Tamron 10-24mm Super Wide Angle lens fitted to my Pentax K-r body at the time, but the focal length is set to 19 mm for this picture, which is about 30mm Equivalent in 35mm terms so it’s more of a standard wide angle. The picture was taken in […]

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Alexandra Palace boating Lake

We were walking round the boating lake in Alexandra Palace last Autumn and I’d fitted a super wide angle Tamron 10 – 24mm lens to my Pentax K-5. I took this image whilst James and Emma were arguing about which game they should play. The picture across the lake appeals to me because the safety barrier leads the eye into the image and gives the impression of depth. Because of the super wide angle I could get very close to […]

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The Round pond in Hyde Park

In May my son James was in the Royal Albert Hall with his school choir for a singing competition. Naturally we all went down to see him, but the rest of the family couldn’t attend the practice sessions at the start of the day, so we took a walk where I took this picture of the Round Pond in Hyde Park. I took my camera with me, which at the time was a Pentax K-r DSLR and used a Sigma […]

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