Konica Autoreflex T2 Top cover removal

This is a post detailing the Konica Autoreflex T2 top cover removal procedure. The following pictures show the steps I took to remove the cover, so I won’t give any more details, but in the text which follows I will explain the problems I had. Konica Autoreflex T2 top cover removal For the most part the removal of the top cover of the Autoreflex T2 is the same as most other cameras of this era, but this is the first […]

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Konica Autoreflex T2 review

This is my review of the Konica Autoreflex T2 35mm slr which was a model in the middle of what became a long line of cameras made by Konica. Konica Autoreflex T2 Images My Konica Autoreflex T2 Camera I purchased this camera for £14 as a body only from eBay from a seller who described it as in good physical  condition but was sold for parts or repair because the shutter was jammed. However, I could see from the photos on […]

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