Olympus OM-2 sample pictures

Yesterday I loaded up my Olympus OM-2 with a reel of Kodak colourplus 200 colour film and headed off to the sailing lake in Stevenage at Fairlands Valley Park to give the camera a test run. Since the OM-2 is a camera which I’ve wanted to own since I was a teenager, I was interested to see how it actually performed when I could finally take it out for a film test. The pictures below show the Olympus OM-2 sample […]

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Pentax Z-20 sample photos

Last night I developed the first film I’d run through my Pentax Z-20 slr and this morning I’ve scanned the resultant negatives so this post is to highlight the Pentax Z-20 sample photos. My first impression is that the negatives are a little under exposed and flat. As they were scanned, the histogram for each negative was very bunched up in the centre of the display and therefore the entire dynamic range of the picture was scanned over a quite […]

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Pentax Super Program sample pictures

It was a couple of months ago I acquired a Pentax Super Program 35mm camera and I’ve just developed my first film from it, so I thought I’d publish a follow up post describing how I found the camera to shoot with and to feature the Pentax Super Program sample pictures. First a few details about the photos. The camera was loaded with a roll of Kodak ColourPlus 200 film which I exposed at box speed with the camera used […]

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Pentax P30t sample pictures

This week I wanted to test my colour film development process and I exposed a reel of Kodak ColorPlus 200 in my Pentax P30t to do that. I’ve already posted on the development process – this post is to cover the use of the P30t and to highlight the Pentax P30T sample pictures. Pentax P30T sample pictures. I took most of these pictures when I went to Reading in Berkshire for a day in the office on Tuesday, and it […]

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Developing colour film using the digibase C41 kit – second attempt

Last week I had my first attempt at developing a colour film using a C41 home processing kit, and it was somewhat less than successful. Although I wasn’t certain of the cause I thought it was probably because I’d inadvertently used an old film, so I decided to have another go with a brand new Kodak ColourPlus 200 film to try to make sure everything went right. I also spent the week reflecting on what could have gone wrong on […]

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