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  • Post Processing

    Post-processing film scans in Lightroom

    A couple of years ago I wrote a post which described the steps I normally take when post processing pictures in Lightroom. The procedures I describe there are still the way I carry out post processing when dealing with digital images, but recently I’ve been taking more shots on 35mm film and I’ve found it is necessary to subtly change the way these images are dealt with in Lightroom, so these notes are going to describe this different workflow. I’ll...
  • Phone pics

    Galaxy S6 sample pictures

    I’ve owned my Galaxy Note 2 for about 4 years now and have generally been very happy with the performance and features it offers, but over the last few months it has started to suffer with the normal mobile phone problem of getting slower and slower to do anything. So this week I did an upgrade and got myself a Galaxy S6 as a replacement. Obviously, being a photographer one of the most important aspects of a phone to me is...
  • Post Processing

    RAW shot recovery in Lightroom

    This post covers the importance of shooting in RAW format when it comes to trying to recover pictures from badly exposed images using Lightroom, or any other RAW processor for that matter. RAW shot recovery in Lightroom In a recent post someone who added a comment remarked that they had not yet set their camera to store RAW images and were still shooting in jpeg.  This got me thinking about the effects of shooting in RAW and why it’s so...
  • Post Processing

    How much should we post process ?

    I’ve been taking photographs for many years. First with black and white film, then colour film and slides and now with a DSLR. Although processing was a part of the process with film and involved all sorts of techniques to improve the final image, I have always said to myself that I don’t do processing of digital images. I’ve always thought that I try to take the picture as I see it and don’t want to spend hours with photoshop...
  • Macro

    Macro photography – Green Fly

    We are on our way to Durham in the north of England for a holiday and stopped off at my Mother-in-laws house in Loughborough. I had a walk round in garden and found a Golden Rod bush covered in green flies having a wonderful time flitting about the bush. I got my Pentax K-5 and Tamron 90mm Macro and took a few pictures, this one being the best. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that my wife had borroed the camera and...
  • abstract, Photography

    Colours in close up

    A bit of an abstract photo today, taken with an Olympus EPL-1, these are my daughters Hama Beads in up close. Taken by simply pointing the camera in  the top of the jar in natural light and for once using the in-camera jpg. Olympus EPL-1 14-42mm kit lens 42mm f/5.6 1/25sec iso800

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