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    Update on Stats

    Last week I posted an article about the changes I’d noticed to the number of visitors and views I’ve received over the last few weeks. This post is a very short one which just updates what I’ve found. The picture above shows the number of clicks, impressions and CTR (click through rate) over the last 28 days and it confirms what I thought last week. The impressions have dropped because the google algorithm which determines which pages to show for...
  • Development, Linux

    Multiple monitors on a Dell XPS 13

    Last week I got a new laptop for work – or rather I got an old Laptop for work – a colleague’s Dell XPS 13. It just happened that my rather aged 6 year old workstation was due for replacement, and a colleague left and returned their 18 month old Dell XPS 13 laptop, so I took it as my replacement. The XPS 13 is a great little laptop and super fast with its 256Gb solid state drive and 8G...
  • Blogging

    Lost film site update

    For the second week in a row I’ve not had a lot of time to add posts to this site because I’ve been busy developing the new Found Film site I’m hoping to launch after Christmas, so I thought I’d give another update on how it’s going. The main concentration this week had been to get the site stable and to improve the way the data in displayed. One of the things I want to do is keep the relationship...
  • Blogging

    Building the lost film site

    I’ve been busy this week constructing the site which I spoke about in my last post so I haven’t really had much time to do anything photographic, although I did manage to run a test film through my Agfa Karat and hopefully I will develop that film later and post the results. The lost film site has turned out to be more complex than I initially thought. Before I really thought about it I assumed I could construct a basic blog...
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    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – or where to host my site.

    It was about a year ago that I moved my site from a wordpress domain, to my own domain but at the time I made that move I kept the site hosting at The payment for the hosting is due for renewal in a few weeks time and I’ve been deciding if I should keep the site within workpress or if I should move to a self hosted arrangement. The driver for this is not really cost...

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