Pictures of Framlingham town and castle

While we were on holiday in Suffolk last month we visited the town of Framlingham to look round the castle and town. These are the pictures of Framlingham I took whilst we were there and I’ve posted them mainly as a family record of our trip. We were very lucky with the weather the whole week and this day was no different, with unbroken sun for the most part once the Sun broke out. I used the Prime lens kit […]

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Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk Coast

This post is to highlight the best of the pictures  I took during our recent visit to the National Trust site at Dunwich Heath on the Suffolk coast. Pictures of Dunwich Heath Some of these pictures have already been published in my Favourite Pictures series, but I wanted to record our trip for the rest of the family to see and include the ‘best of the rest’ of the pictures. These pictures were taken with some of the manual prime […]

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Takumar 55mm f/1.8 macros

This is a short post showing the macro performance of a Takumar 55mm f/1.8 m42 lens when a 16mm extension tube is mounted behind the m42 to nex adapter. With this combination I was able to focus down to about 4 inches away from the objects shown in the pictures which I found around the house and garden. The majority of these shots were taken at F/1.8 to emphasise the shallow depth of field and I carried out my normal […]

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