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    Limited time to do anything at the moment

    Anyone who reads this blog regularly (and I’m happy to say there are a few that fit that category) will have probably noticed that my frequency of posting has been severely curtailed over the last few weeks. This is due to a number of factors: Very busy at work which means I’ve been working longer hours than usual No new vintage cameras to work on 🙁 Several problems with the found-film site to deal with. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately) the...
  • IT

    Moving found film from multisite to single site

    This is a non-photography post about the process I used to move the Found-Film site from a WordPress multisite to single site install. Hopefully, this will be useful for anyone who needs to do a similar move at some point. Reasons why I moved from multisite to single site There were various reasons I moved from a multisite install to a single site install but many were driven by SEO. The found film site has been up and running for...
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    An update on the Found Film site

    I wanted to give a short update on the Found Film site which I set up about 8 months ago. My original idea for the site was that it would be home to lost photos – a place where pictures which were taken long ago and left in forgotten cameras would be found, developed and displayed for all. Well, like many projects, the idea has changed over time and expanded to include another of my collecting passions – old 35mm...
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    The Found Film site is live

    Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on a new site for discovered film pictures which I’ve called Found Film. I’m happy to say that, although there are still some features I want to add, the site is basically running and now has enough content to make it interesting to visit, so I’ve started to publicise the site. For anyone interested in seeing it, the url is To whet your appetite, I’ve added a selection of pictures to...
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    Lost film site update

    For the second week in a row I’ve not had a lot of time to add posts to this site because I’ve been busy developing the new Found Film site I’m hoping to launch after Christmas, so I thought I’d give another update on how it’s going. The main concentration this week had been to get the site stable and to improve the way the data in displayed. One of the things I want to do is keep the relationship...
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    Building the lost film site

    I’ve been busy this week constructing the site which I spoke about in my last post so I haven’t really had much time to do anything photographic, although I did manage to run a test film through my Agfa Karat and hopefully I will develop that film later and post the results. The lost film site has turned out to be more complex than I initially thought. Before I really thought about it I assumed I could construct a basic blog...
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    Collecting colour slides

    I’ve long had a fascination for old pictures which I find in vintage cameras  and I’ve added several posts on this site featuring pictures I’ve found on cameras I’ve acquired from eBay. I’ve also recently taken some pictures using colour slide film during a holiday this summer, and I’ve picked up a slide projector so I can replicate the evenings I remember as a child when we used to sit and view the latest pictures my father had taken. Although the...
  • Film Photography

    Found film

    This is another batch of film I’ve developed after finding it in a vintage camera I bought from eBay. Although this was a colour film, I developed it with a black & white developer (Rodinal at 1:100 dilution) using stand development, because I knew that the back of the camera had been opened and the film subject to light. I’d received the camera and checked as I always do that there was no film in it by winding the rewind...
  • Kodak Samples

    Kodak Brownie reflex samples and shooting experiences

    A week or so ago I bought a pair of Kodak Brownie Reflex vintage cameras and found one had a reel of  partially exposed 127 film in. A couple of days ago I took the camera with me as I went for a walk round the town, and these are my experiences of shooting with it and the Kodak brownie reflex samples I obtained. Kodak Brownie reflex sample pictures As I described in my descriptive post about the cameras, I...
  • Vintage

    Recovering negatives from found film

    Occasionally, when I buy a film camera for my collection, I discover that a previous owner has left a partially exposed film in it. Because of that I now always make sure I check if a camera has a film in before I open the back because it seems such a shame to fog a film without trying to recover some pictures from it. In the past, I’ve sent these ‘discovered again’ lost films off to a lab for development,...
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    Vintage camera collection – photo's from old cameras

    Every now and then, when I buy an old camera to add to my collection, I will find one which still has a film in it. I’ve been saving these up and yesterday I took a few of these films into my local high street photography chain to have them developed and scanned. Today I collected the developed films. Of the 5 films I took in only 3 had any images on them and most of them were blank. It’s...

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