Beauty Beaumat 35mm camera.

The Beauty Beaumat is a 35mm rangefinder camera with a few rather interesting features which set it aside from some of the more ‘run of the mill’ rangefinder cameras which were produced around the same time, which was about 1960. Images of the Beauty Beaumat My Beauty Beaumat Camera I bought the Beauty Beaumat because I’d not seen one before, and it seems to be one of the more exotic models. It was bought from eBay for a few pounds from […]

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Kowa SE 35mm SLR

This Kowa SE 35mm camera is the first Kowa model I’ve added to my vintage camera collection. It’s a leaf shutter, fixed lens single lens reflex camera made in the early 1960s. Kowa SE Images My Kowa SE Camera. I bought this camera for £10 from eBay, chiefly because I didn’t have any Kowa models and I was interested to see what it would be like. As it turned out, £10 was possibly too much to pay because the unit […]

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