Olympus OM-2 sample pictures

Yesterday I loaded up my Olympus OM-2 with a reel of Kodak colourplus 200 colour film and headed off to the sailing lake in Stevenage at Fairlands Valley Park to give the camera a test run. Since the OM-2 is a camera which I’ve wanted to own since I was a teenager, I was interested to see how it actually performed when I could finally take it out for a film test. The pictures below show the Olympus OM-2 sample […]

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Star-D/Image lens review on Sony Nex 6

This is a short review of two lenses I picked up from eBay a couple of weeks ago when I bought a Minolta X300 SLR camera and they were bundled with it. I’ve named the lenses “Star-D/Image Lens” in the title of this post because, although both lenses are labelled as “Image MC Automatic”, I believe they are made by the same company that makes/distributes the Star-D lenses. In physical appearance they certainly seem to be the same, are made in […]

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