Ilford sportsman 35mm viewfinder camera

This Ilford Sportsman is a camera which I inherited from my Dad a few years ago. It’s a simple 35mm viewfinder camera with a Dacora Dignar 45mm f/2.8 lens and was made about 1959. Ilford Sportsman Images Ilford Sportsman Description I’ve had this camera in a box in my office since the day Dad gave it to me and never really looked at it until today when I decided to dig it out. I had always assumed it was just […]

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Vintage camera collection – Weston Light meter

Another in my series about my vintage camera collection but this time something a bit different. It’s not a camera but a Weston light meter. In fact two Weston light meters – a Weston Master II and a Weston Master III. Weston Light meter Images These items are similar to the vintage lenses in my collection in that they are still useful and still fulfil the purpose that they were originally made for. Although I have several 35mm film cameras […]

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Photographing a sunset.

Took a walk over the field after the children were in bed to get some shots of the sun setting. I’d never shot a sunset before and ¬†wasn’t sure how much exposure compensation if any to apply. Basically I found a place along the path where I could get a shot of the sun settling over the horizon and set the camera up on a tripod. I set ¬†+/- 2 EV bracketing on the camera and tried a few test […]

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