Some advice for eBay camera sellers

Ebay is both a blessing and a curse for us camera collectors. It’s a blessing because lots of old cameras which would otherwise be thrown out are made available to an audience of eager collectors, but it’s a curse because it means it’s almost impossible to find a real bargain any more. Everyone who clears the attic of a relative or friend and finds an old camera can look up the price on ebay and suddenly see pound signs floating […]

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Miranda Dr with 50mm f/1.9 lens

A review of a Miranda Dr 35mm film SLR from about 1961

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Olympus Trip 35 camera

This is a review of the latest addition to my camera collection – the Olympus Trip 35. Sample pictures taken with this camera are here. Olympus Trip 35 Images My Olympus Trip 35 Camera I have been really looking forward to receiving this camera since I bought it on eBay for £12.50. This is an iconic camera from the 1970’s which I really wanted to own when they were first introduced but couldn’t afford to buy one. The first thing which […]

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New Developing Tank

I’ve taken a step forward in my film developing career. I’ve just bought an Agfa Rodinex Daylight developing talk from eBay. This allows me to unwind the film from the cassette into the tank in daylight, removing the cupboard under the stairs step ! Related articles First film developed for 20 years ! (

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Yashica 230AF 35mm SLR

This is my review of the Yashica 230AF, 35mm Autofocus SLR which is the latest addition to my growing 35mm camera collection. As well as my impressions of using the camera, there are also some sample pictures taken with this camera. Yashica 230AF Images Yashica 230AF Description As far as I can tell this camera seems to be in perfect condition. It is equipped with a Yashica 35 – 70mm f/3.3 – 4.5 macro standard lens, a novel flash unit […]

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