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    I’ve moved to self hosted

    Any regular reader of this blog will possibly notice that it has a different look today. That is because, after thinking about it on and off for a couple of years, this morning I took the plunge and moved my site from to a self hosted site. If your dns settings have updated, you will see this post in the style of the new blog here on the left; if they haven’t you have a small amount of time...
  • IT

    Moving found film from multisite to single site

    This is a non-photography post about the process I used to move the Found-Film site from a WordPress multisite to single site install. Hopefully, this will be useful for anyone who needs to do a similar move at some point. Reasons why I moved from multisite to single site There were various reasons I moved from a multisite install to a single site install but many were driven by SEO. The found film site has been up and running for...
  • Development, Linux

    Multiple monitors on a Dell XPS 13

    Last week I got a new laptop for work – or rather I got an old Laptop for work – a colleague’s Dell XPS 13. It just happened that my rather aged 6 year old workstation was due for replacement, and a colleague left and returned their 18 month old Dell XPS 13 laptop, so I took it as my replacement. The XPS 13 is a great little laptop and super fast with its 256Gb solid state drive and 8G...
  • Film Photography

    Developing colour film using the digibase C41 kit – second attempt

    Last week I had my first attempt at developing a colour film using a C41 home processing kit, and it was somewhat less than successful. Although I wasn’t certain of the cause I thought it was probably because I’d inadvertently used an old film, so I decided to have another go with a brand new Kodak ColourPlus 200 film to try to make sure everything went right. I also spent the week reflecting on what could have gone wrong on...
  • Film Photography

    Disappointing results using the digibase C41 kit – part 3

    This is third and final part of my series on home developing of colour negative film using the digibase C41 kit. In this part I’m going to describe the scanning, final results and look at possible ways I can improve the process for next time. Digibase C41 Kit Results First, here are the results I obtained from the Digibase C41 kit. Scanning & Post Processing In the cold light of day I took another look at the negatives to assess...
  • Film Photography

    Successful C41 development using the digibase kit – part 2

    In the last post I described a bit of background to the decision to use the digibase kit for my first venture into C41 development. In this post I’m getting down to the nitty-gritty and describing the actual film development. C41 Development Preparation I said in the last post that I’d bought a quantity of 5, 500ml plastic bottles which I intended to use to warm up the chemistry prior the use. It turned out that I didn’t need bottles...
  • Film Photography

    Caffenol trial no 2

    I was fascinated last week to try my hand at developing film in caffenol. So fascinated that I decided I really needed to have another go to see if I could get better results, so this post describe my experiences during caffenol trial no 2. One thing which really needed to change was the tank I used. Last week I used my Agfa Rondinax daylight tank but all the film got bunched up in the centre of the reel and...
  • Film Photography

    Fun with a tank of coffee

    I first heard about developing film using coffee a few years ago and I must admit I assumed that it was an April Fools joke, but a bit of further research revealed that it is not only possible but is actually capable of some pretty good results. So earlier this week I ordered some Washing Soda, Vitamin C and cheap Coffee (the constituent ingredients), loaded up my Miranda Fv with some FP4 black & white film and went out to...
  • Vintage

    First film developed for 20 years !

    OK – so I developed my first film in about 20 years last night ! I tried a reel of Fomopan 400 in my Yashica MG-1 rangefinder over the course of the last couple of weeks and I’d ordered developer and fixer so I could have a go at developing again. Getting the film into the tank was much more tricky than I remember it. For a start I no longer have a changing bag, so I had to do...
  • Vintage

    35mm film development

    I took my first couple of films for about 20 years into town to get them developed today. They are colour negative film which I’d put through a Minolta Dynax 5 and a Yashica 230 AF. My first call was to Boots where we used to have all our colour films developed when I was a teenager. On inquiring if they still develop films I was told that they do but their developing machine is broken so they can’t at...
  • Vintage

    Vintage photography – processing

    This will be unusual because it’s not a photo post, it’s a brief walk back in time to a point before digital cameras and HD displays to a time when taking a photo was a purely analogue process involving chemicals, mechanics and light. Choosing the right film When I go out with my Pentax k-5, I am fully equipped to deal with any photographic possibility – indoors or out, bright or dark, highly coloured or black & white – all...

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