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    LF106 Wireless flash trigger

    This is a quick post on a set of extremely cheap wireless flash triggers I bought from Amazon UK for about £15. They are of an unknown manufacture, just called LF106 on Amazon and come with one transmitter unit and two receivers. The receivers each take a pair of commonly available AAA batteries and can be switched to up to 16 different channels so they can be used when other photographers are in the same area and using the same...
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    Macro photography garden spider

    I bought a new flash gun for my Pentax K-5 at Christmas which I’ve been experimenting with over the last few months. Today I went out into the garden with my Tamron 90mm lens and a Raynox 250 Close up adapter fitted, to try some macro pictures with the lens set to F/32 to maximize the Depth of field. The shot shown above was my most successful picture, taken of a tiny garden spider sitting on a leaf sunning him(her?)self....
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    Macro Photography with a compact camera

    These pictures of a garden org spider were taken a couple of years ago (Sept 2010) with a Panasonic DMC-FZ8 compact camera. There are lots of things wrong with these pictures, but they do serve to show one important point – you can get very good macro results with a compact camera. Because the sensor is small and therefore the aperture is small, there is a large amount of depth of field available, which is a positive boon when taking...
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    Macro photography – Bumble bee

    I Love macro photography; the great thing is you can find subjects almost anywhere you look. I found this bumble bee on a wild flower in a field just outside my house in June last year whilst I was out with my new Tamron 90mm macro lens. This type of subject is the reason I got the macro lens. I already owned a Tamron 70-300 mm Tele zoom with macro facility, but it will only produce a 1:2 magnification ratio,...
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    Family Pictures – Knebworth House

    We took a trip to Knebworth House in hertfordshire in April 2011 where I took this picture of James and Emma. We discovered a hollow tree, and I thought it would make a good frame for them to pose in, which it proved to be once I’d stopped them arguing about all the things that sibling seem to find to argue about. I turned out to be quite a nice picture. There was a fair amount of light but I...

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