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    Crich tram museum on Ilford HP5+

    When we recently visited the Crich tram museum I took quite a few pictures with my Pentax K5 DSLR and posted the pictures I was most pleased with a few days ago. As well as the K5, I also took along a Pentax MZ-3 loaded with Ilford HP5+ film, and although I’ve posted some of the pictures I took with that combination, this post is to publish the others. Just for the record, I developed the film in a 1...
  • Family

    The Tram repair shop at Crich

    This is another picture I took at the Crich tramway museum, this time in the repair shop using a Pentax MZ-3 slr loaded with HP5+ film and using a Sigma 24 – 70mm autofocus zoom lens. As with the shot of my daughter Emma, this was developed in Rodinal at 1 to 25 concentration and scanned with an Epson V550 Perfection scanner. The film was rated at its box speed of 400 ISO, and with the lens at it’s widest...
  • Film Photography

    Emma in the park at Crich

    When we recently went to the Crich tramway museum in Derbyshire I took a lot of pictures with my Pentax K5, but I also took along a Pentax MZ-3 loaded with Ilford HP5+ black & white film. The picture above is one of the pictures I took that day, and developed in Rodinal a couple of days ago. This was taken with a Sigma 24 to 70 autofocus zoom lens fitted to the MZ-3 set to about 60mm and about...
  • Family

    Glasgow tram in Crich tramway museum

    We went to the tram museum in Crich in Derbyshire today where I took this picture of a tram, originally from Glasgow, with a Pentax K5 and Sigma 18-125 HSM Zoom lens. In a future post I will include other pictures I took, including some black & white pictures on HP5 film and some colour slide images on Agfa CT-100 film.

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