Agfa Karat viewfinder camera with strap lugs

This is a very short pictorial review of the model of  Agfa Karat viewfinder camera which has strap lugs fitted to the top cover. In functionality, it is identical to the Agfa Karat f/3.5 which I covered in a previous post, so this article is just a description of my particular camera and some images of the camera. All the pictures in this post can be viewed full size here. My Camera This camera was bought from eBay as a […]

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Agfa Karat 12 Compur shutter clean up

Having completed the easy part of my Agfa Karat 12 camera refurbishment with the film advance strip down and clean up, I then turned my attention to the next easiest part which is the Compur-Rapid shutter fitted to this model. As suppled, the shutter was very stiff to operate and only worked at one speed, irrespective of the shutter settings. It seemed the most likely problem was that the shutter needed a good clean out then it would probably be fine […]

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Agfa Karat 35mm folding viewfinder camera

The Karat series of cameras was made by Agfa from the mid 1930’s to the mid 1950’s. The model I am describing here is the Agfa Karat 3.5 which was made just before the second world war. Agfa Karat Images My Agfa Karat Camera I found this camera on eBay in an auction and bought it, in an unknown condition, for £6.30. The Karat is a camera which I’d seen in various ‘buy it now’ sales but they always seemed […]

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