Specto 500 8mm silent projector

This post is the first in a short series which looks at the Specto 500, a standard 8 cine projector which was made in the UK in the early 1950s. This part is an introduction to the projector with some pictures. Specto 500 Images My Specto 500 Projector I bought my Specto 500 projector from eBay because I want a vintage projector to show my collection of 8mm films with. Although I have various more modern projectors, mostly Eumig machines, […]

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Eumig Sound 31 XL Super 8mm cine camera

This is a descriptive review of the Eumig Sound 31 XL Super 8mm sound cine camera, which is a battery powered camera which takes super 8 mm cartridge film and is equipped with a 8.5 to 24mm zoom lens. Eumig Sound 31 XL Images My Eumig Sound 31 XL Camera I bought this camera for £5 in an ebay sale because I had the idea of attempting to recreate some of the 8mm films my father used to take when my […]

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An idea for an 8mm telecine machine

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my interest in collecting vintage 8mm home movies and how I had purchased a Eumig P8 Dual movie projector to enable me to view them. That actually worked reasonably well and after a few adjustments to the projector I’ve viewed several interesting old movies. It is however a fairly non trivial event to get the projector out, set up a screen and view movies and the whole process is not viewed with […]

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Bell & Howell 200EE 16mm cine camera

The Bell & Howell 200EE cine camera is a clockwork driven, multi speed movie camera which takes a 16mm film cartridge and will run for up to 25 seconds on a single wind. Bell & Howell 200EE Images My Bell & Howell 200EE Camera To be honest I bought this 16mm cine camera as a pure impulse buy because I saw it for only £0.99 as a starting bid and saw that it had a cartridge of 16mm film in it […]

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